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About Us....

Hi, My name is Will West.

I'm a Designer, Fabricator, Painter and all round Custom Car Builder.

Living in London and working out of Hampshire, I like to create cool and innovative projects using a wide range of skills and materials.

Realising I wasn't going to make it as a Gangster Rapper, I pursued a Career in Race Car Engineering and Motorsport before a fortunate turn of events led me to start my own company, Street Options.

Allowing me to work for myself, to the benefit of my customers and companions in a field I feel truly passionate about.

Although a relatively new company, We are constantly growing while making a name for ourselves that represent High Quality, Honest and Innovative work. 

We create High Quality, Innovative and Individually Tailored Custom Built Cars and Bikes,... From the Mild to the tastefully Wild.

We aim to work to all budgets and tastes, from the individual looking to personalise their vehicle, to a full blown Bespoke Service and Corporate builds.


Recent Updates

We'll keep you up to date with the progress on our Current Projects.

As well as any new Products.


   Build Diary Updates   


  Jays R32 Streeter.




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